About Kathleen

Kathleen is a London-based Fusion Bellydance artist and instructor, and a member of Curious Verses, a performance and teaching collaboration of four of London’s top Fusion bellydancers.

Dancing obsessively since 2004, over the years Kathleen has studied extensively with many world renowned teachers, exploring a variety of dance and movement styles, including yoga & fusion belly dance, ATS, flamenco, Afro-Brazilian, ballet & Silvestre Technique.

Kathleen has been lucky enough to collaborate and perform with many talented and inspiring dancers.  She also performs regularly as a solo artist, both locally and internationally..

Kathleen’s grounded and embodied teaching style incorporates a strong element of breath work and body awareness.  As a teacher, she is attentive, passionate and nurturing.

Known for her warmth and timeless quality as a performer, Kathleen blends an aesthetic rooted in vintage with a taste for organic exploration and an openness to the new.